Friday, April 29, 2011

Ah In give Me Xperia mini pro as a brithday present !

yesterday, I got some package from mr. postman. Thanks mr.Posto b'coz send my packege safetly to me..hehe i'm shocked and very suprised when seeing address of the package.. from my beloved Ah In?? omg. Exited but not so exited but very2x exited, u know..teeheee ^___^

tha package a little  bit like this,,hehe
*found from google

with love and carefully i'm open the package. In the box there have another box that had been wrap using present paper.. On the box, he had stick a card and its sounds like this `i want to give u chocolates but its will not lasting b'coz u will finished it quikly [LOL, his know my habits..hehe] so, i want to give something that u can touch, hold and the most important to make u remember me owez. Please take good care this small present form me. Happy brithday! xoxo'

ceh, this present arived so quickly lah. My brithday were 2 weeks more..hehe but the card were so romantic, right2x?? kihkihkih i'm felt like my foot like on the air. LOL

and in the box are =
aww.. so sweet~
his always know want i'm wanted. Or maybe he just read my bl0g..hehe

wanna see my ah in l0oks like??
wait a second


see.. his like shy2x with y'all..


actually, this all just happen in my drem last night! miahahahaha.. just wanna make some joke with y'all X____X

moral value : pliz read an entri untill the end then drop some commnt if u'r kind person..hee~

nota coklet : kalaulah betul2x dapat hadiah tu kan best..kihkihkih

12 insan doakan kebahagiaanku:

syufaa said...

hahaa..klau btol2 kn best! :D

MiSzy DiaN said...

ingtkan betul2 daa tadi..
hadoi~ hahahahaaa

SyedGraphiX said...

whose that boy?

hans said...

nasib baca sampai habis

Qaseh dalia adelia said...


syuwai said...


betol tu..waawaaaa~


syuwai said...

@miszy dian


tolonglah doakan supaya betul2x berlaku..hehe

syuwai said...


ah, hang ni mesti tak baca sampai habis..

tak nak kawan lah ;p

syuwai said...


tahniah sebab tak tertipu..hihi

syuwai said...


tu la pasal..


nub said...

nak gak!! haha

syuwai said...


ish hang ni.. hang la kena bagi hadiah dekat aku..kihkihkih


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