Friday, January 21, 2011

KARA Members Want To Terminate Contract With DSP

Today it was announced that four members of KARA (Nicole, Jiyoung, Hara and Seungyeon) want to terminate their exclusive contract with DSP Media. KARA's leader Gyuri is not mentioned among the members.

Through the lawyers of the four members, it was said that DSP had been unfairly treating the group, forcing them to attend loaded schedules without previous discussions. They had tried their best to work and compromise with the company, but now things have gotten to the point where they have lost confidence in with DSP Media.

DSP Media responded that they will release their official statement on the situation soon.

2 insan doakan kebahagiaanku:

kay_are said...

xkan r kot.. baru nak bertapak kat jepun dah prob.. berita x best ni..

syuwai said...

@ kay_are

yup2x.. harap2x dorang x bubar


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