Thursday, February 10, 2011

Yoo Ah-in models for Jack & Jill

It’s only ads for a clothing brand, but who am I to complain when it gives us more Yoo Ah-in?

The scene-stealing Sungkyunkwan Scandal beast-man pretty-boy (can you be both? In his case, I say yes) traveled to New York last month to shoot his latest ads for casualwear brand Jack & Jill, a company for which he is the current brand model, and filmed a CF as well. I’ll give all you New Yorkers a moment to curse your bad luck for missing him in your neck of the woods. Perhaps it was all for the best, for his own safety.

Apparently the concept of the shoot was departing on a sudden trip from city to desert. A marketing rep explained how Yoo’s own personal style and his free-spirited personality made him a natural fit for their brand image. In other words, marketing doublespeak, blah blah.

Via Chosun

nota coklet : lama nda post crita pasal my baby ah in..hehe [mo lepas rindu jap x.x]

2 insan doakan kebahagiaanku:

nazirulhazwan~ said...

patutnyer den jadi model ni.derm, tp terpakse tolak sebab busy ngan kerjer.haih

syuwai said...

@ naz

haha.. if ujang tau mesti dia jeles tu o.0


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