Thursday, December 2, 2010

What projects will the four stars of ‘SKKS’ take on next?

■ Internet message board users have been showing a high interest in what projects the SKKS actors will take on next, asking questions like “What do you think of having the Jalgeum Four in a medical drama next?” “I hope they’re in a modern drama next!” and “As a fan, I want to see the ‘SKKS’ actors in a new project soon.”

■ Park Minyoung is the first to have decided upon her next project. She will be in a movie for the first time since her debut, playing a young woman in her 20s who works at a pet salon shop in a horror movie called (director: Byeon Seung Ok). She ends up living with what she believes is a cat, but inexplicable and scary things start happening. She learns that the beautiful cat’s owners have all died under unexplained circumstances and becomes wrapped up in the horror surrounding the cat. Park Minyoung’s co-star will be Kim Dong Wook from the drama ‘Coffee Prince No. 1′ and filming is expected to begin soon.

■ YOO AH IN has emerged as the front-runner for the main character of the movie ‘Wandeukee’ and is in last-stage negotiations for his casting. The movie is based on the bestselling novel ‘Wandeukee’ about a poor boy who is a bad student and rebellious, and fiercely refuses to lose to anyone in a fight. The movie shows 17-year-old Wandeuk growing up and finding dreams and hope as he meets his eccentric homeroom teacher ‘Dongjoo’ who starts off as Wandeuk’s sworn enemy before gradually becoming a loving presence in his life, and also learns to kickbox. Yoo Ah In has emerged as the front-runner for the role of Wandeuk, and Kim Yoon Seok has been cast as Dongjoo, the teacher who acts like all he lives for is the fun of bothering Wandeuk, but who actually cares deeply for him.

■ Park Yoochun will likely continue to concentrate on activities as a singer as a member of JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu). JYJ had their first full concert in Seoul’s Jamsil Stadium titled ‘JYJ Worldwide Concert.’ They are planning to devote themselves to a world tour afterward.

■ Song Joong Ki, who is being deluged with drama and movie love calls, is slowly choosing his next project. For now, he is very busy appearing at end-of-year awards ceremonies and filming delayed advertisement CFs. One entertainment industry representative said, “Song Joong Ki’s popularity continues to soar, so he doesn’t have to choose his next project too quickly. His company will also take its time in choosing a good project with a good guarantee [of money for SJK] and proceed in a deliberate fashion.”

Source: Osen News

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