Tuesday, December 21, 2010

BEAST to Release Three Duets Starting Tomorrow

semalam tengah layan2x Music Banks, kumpulan BEAST ni ngam2x wat sh0w lagu Beautiful.. meleleh habis tengok dancing + nyanyian durang.. ahaks ! 
tergoda I, tapi d0nt w0rry ah in, I masih setia kat U.. L0L~
jadi hari ni terbuka hati ni nak search news baru pasal gr0up ni..ngehehe
enj0y readings !

BEAST will release special duets starting tomorrow.  The six boys paired up with each other to perform three songs of different genres, which will be released one per day for the next three days.

Yoseop and Junhyung's hip-hop song "Thanks To" will be released at 5 PM tomorrow.  Hyunseung and Gikwang's R&B song "Let It Snow" will be released on Wednesday.  Dojoon and Dongwoon's ballad "When The Door Closes" will be released on Thursday.

The BEAST goodness doesn't stop there: a soft version of the single "Lights Go On Again" will be released on Friday.

Fans who attended their first-ever solo concert on December 12 got a sneak preview of the songs, but the rest of us will be hearing them this week.

Source: asiae.co.kr

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Magrib said...

teringat syuwai.. teringat korea.. ops.. ingat korea, teringat syuwai la..

terima kaseh sebab sudi singgah blog saya..

Ini entry terbaru saya..
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syuwai said...

@ magrib

hehe.. makaseh

nanti syuwai lawat jg tu N tinggal kan jejak ^^


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