Wednesday, December 15, 2010

m0re pictures 0f ah in.. YAY !

Photoshop jobs

Small caption: “Pissed off”
Larger caption: “Hey now.. you dump me for a new guy and that’s the best you can do?
Top caption: Whaddya want
Caption: Noona, I’ll sell it to you for cheap
Caption: Hoo—Business isn’t going well.
[The exact translation is "Business is dirtily not going well" and it's much funnier in Korean but I can't think of a way to express it in English properly! The original Korean caption is funny because on the first level, it's kind of a crude or crusty expression and on another level, it connotes that business is going poorly because of some external reason of bad luck, not cause of any fault of Ah In's, and with the cigarette in his mouth the irony is too real!! Lol I give up, that's the best I can do]
Caption: Oi, why don’t you buy a sweet potato?
Caption: Forgive me just this once..I won’t be late from now on..
Caption: all changed..?
[As in, clothes... no crazy Transformers kinda thing going on here]
Ah In: Aaaaaaaaang~
From outside: You said you’d cook!
Small caption: It’s cold out….
Larger caption: It’s late, what’s going on.. showing up like this without calling..
Caption: Why aren’t you answering my calls


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