Sunday, November 7, 2010

Song Joong Ki reveals the “four kinds of Goo Yong Ha”

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On November 4th, Song Joong Ki’s agency, Sidus HQ, uploaded various  pictures of the actor doing typical poses of his character Goo Yong Ha.  In the photos, you can see Song Joong Ki winking, holding his infamous  fan, as well as holding a placard that reads his trademark saying, “Cause I’m Goo Yong Ha”.
Netizens who came across these pictures responded positively with, “The  funniest guy, Goo Yong Ha!”, “I was sad when the drama ended, but I  laughed a whole lot after seeing this”, “I’m touched by his fan  service.”

Song Joong Ki also revealed his thoughts through his me2day. He wrote,  “The 20th episode has ended. You guys are sad too, right? I’m really  sad too. I learnt so much from this, and it was a very fun and happy  five months. It has been a very meaningful time, being able to meet Yong  Ha, so it’s sad that we have to part.”

However, he added, “But even if the drama has ended, I think  parts of Yong Ha will still be with me. I send my deepest thanks to all  the viewers who have sent so much love.”

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Source: TV Report
Photos: Sidus HQ

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