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SKKS ~ recap epi. 20 a.k.a Final

YS finds the GDJS and she sits there start reading. And she looks over the Banchon.

The king is with the ministers.
Because of the read flyers, the J-3 distributed earlier, the king asks that SJ is not the HBS then? JS’dad confirms that he is not. The king tells IS’s dad to apologize for his wrong doings by bringing in the soldiers into SKK and disgraces the institution.

The officials come out to the plaza where the students are all sitting in lines, with YHa and JS. The official calls out for the student president to come forward. YS with the GDJS box in her hand walks to the officials stating that she is here.

YS is in front of the king. She hands to him the GDJS box and tells him that she finds it.
The king opens the box and sees the GDJS inside; he is happy and thanks YS. Now he can do what he promises to create the new Joseon.

SJ is released. All the students are gathering around and happily cheering as he walks out. He smiles to see his friends all there. He stops by the threesome and greets them smiling.
Then he faces with JS who scolds him not to do this kind of thing again or he will not see him again.

YHa teases JS that he means to see SJ everyday, is he in love with SJ?
SJ thanks his seniors but his his eyes are looking around. YHa tells him the one who really worked hard for his release is the one he is looking for right now.
SJ asks him where is Kim Yoon Shik?

YS is with SJ’s dad;
SJ’s dad tells YS she is his roommate and to go through all this to help SJ, he is thankful.
He tells her that although he didn’t admire her father‘s way of thinking, he never meant to harm him. From the way she speaks her thought, SJ’s dad says to her that now he can see why his son counts her as his special friend.

YS walks back to the dorm, SJ is anxiously waiting for her outside. He scolds her where has she been to, didn’t she know that he would be released today, doesn’t she know how long he’s been waiting for her.

YS can’t stop smiling, saying they just saw each other yesterday. SJ retorts that are they in that kind of relationship where seeing each other yesterday then they don’t need to see each other today. YS asks what kind of relationship they are in then. SJ calls out her name Kim Yoon Shik. She shows him his ring on her finger and asks is this kind of relationship. She smiles.

YHa peeks from the door calling them to come inside the room. They are all drinking, celebrating. YS drinks a lot. YHa praises her about finding the GDJS and helping SJ. YS smiles looking at YHa, and YHa looks at YS. SJ notices it and clears his throat to break the moments. SJ stops YS from drinking more and that they should rest. JS tells YS to sleep in YHa’s room. YHa is lying down saying he will sleep here tonight. SJ agrees with JS and looks at her to leave. YS doesn’t want to go, she lies down and will sleep in the room likes they are roommate.

SJ and JS are sleeping resting their heads on the desk, YS sleeps further away from the three on the floor and YHa sleeps near JS. In their sleep, SJ holds JS’s hand.

IS is telling his dad that YS is a women.

In the morning, they are back to their normal school day, SJ walks with YS in their student uniform. SJ is not happy about last night that they all sleep together. She teases him next time she can sleep next to him but he won’t be able to get much sleep and runs off. SJ follows her to library and asks if she ever translates all those explicit books , she tells him she did three times. He brings up some excuses to visit her house and she is shock and asks him again if he wants to go to her house. He confirms it.

SJ’s dad is with the king and telling him that to give up on the GDJS and it might harm the daughter of Professor Hun. The king asks and he tells the king tht YS is a girl.
The king is shock and angry.

HE meets with YHa and asks him if he knows YS is girl. This alerts YHa for YS’s safety.

SJ is smiling and holding gift sags in his hands, he is on his way to YHee’s house. YHee is at home putting on her make up; she is in her woman clothes. She stands in front of her house holding the lamp waiting for SJ. Then she looks at her small mirror to check on her face. Suddenly she is snatches away leaving dropping her mirror on the ground.

JS is drinking alone by himself talking to his dead brother. Yha comes calling for him.

SJ walks round the corner reaching YHee’s place. He is smiling then he turns to see YHa and JS is running towards him. He turns away doesn’t want them to see that he’s here.
But they call him out that something might happen to YHee. YHa finds her broken mirror on the floor.

YHee in her women clothes sits by the king. He is very angry with her. He yells his authorities at her. Professor Jung comes running in and shocks to see YHee there.

The king talks with Professor Jung. The king is drinking and extremely angry with him. Professsor Jung kneels down in front of the king and bows low and explains to the king about his change of heart about women ability to learn.

IS’s dad is with CS, she reminds him of his promise. IS’s dad tells CS that YS is a girl. CS is shock and surprised.


 YHa , JS and SJ is facing Professor Jung. They inquires YS’s whereabouts. SJ is worried about her. They all take turn to ask the professor concerning YS’s safety and they ask that he promised them when they started out the mission. They all are crying. The Professor looks at them silently and he leaves.

SJ sits in his room in the dark. His father comes in and talks to him. He kneels down and cries. He tells his dad what she means to him. He keeps begging his dad to help her. His dad starts to leave the room and he turns around to ask if he is his son he knew.

YHa is having drinks with JS. There men walking in and all are talking. YHa listens to them and gets the idea. He mentions IS’s dad.

SJ’dad is holding the meeting with the norons. He tells them his ideas and mentions the crown Prince Sado. Everyone is surprised and they don’t like what he suggests and walks out of the meeting.

CS is in her room recalling her memories with YS when they first met, and in the SKK opening night and YS’s refusal. She sits alone looking at her reflection in the mirror sadly.

YHa and JS are in SKK, YHa trades his money with the SKK guard for information. He gives him the paper. YH reads through and mentions CS. JS snatches the paper and takes a look.

IS is standing outside talking with his dad. CS walks out in the HBS outfit. She didn’t go to catch YS as IS’s dad ordered instead she takes out her sword to fight with him. He orders all the soldiers to capture her. IS and his dad stand together looking at her.

But as soon as one of the soldier is about to slash CS, IS goes out to her and holds her using his body for her protection. IS yells at his dad what is he doing to her. IS’s dad still orders his men to catch her. IS’s lackeys jump in front of him to protect him. And out of nowhere JS jumps in with them. JS talks to IS that this is the first time he sees him acting like human and he smiles at IS. And they all fight together.

The picture shows YHa is outside the door trapping all the men with white attires inside. They are all yelling and pushing to go outside. YHa cannot hold on, the men plunge outside. YHa gives his excuses about IS’s dad(?) and that he is the SKK student.

The king is with the Prime Minister. He contemplates his final decision, his hand holding the GDJS.

SJ’s dad is in the meeting room, all the norons come back to sit in the room. SJ’s dad is awaiting their decisions.

YS is sitting alone looking at the ring.

SJ comes to the king regarding YHee. He argues with the king giving out his reasons and all the things YHee had done. He gives out his long speech to the king with teary eyes trying to save YHee. The king asks him to stop. SJ drops something on the table in front of the king and leaves. He walks outside alone. The picture shows he leaves the compass the king had given him earlier behind.

YHa is holding the door trapping all those white men not to go inside. YHa hugs one of the men. He is trying to get their attention by showing off his skills he has gotten from SKK. Writing characters in the air, they are all very excited by his skills.

Professor Jung is on the other side of the room hearing YHa’s talking. He smiles and he calls him ‘scholar Gu Yong Ha’ –you pass.

The king is having his cabinet meeting today with all the ministers present including SJ’s dad and the norons. The king gives out his great strong speech addressing the GDJS and the norons.

The king has the GDJS box in front of him and starts to open the box. IS’s dad comes running in requesting the king not to open it. SJ’s dad closes his eyes awaiting the king decision.

The king starts to open the box, IS’s dad once again intervenes. The king shouts his command to him to stop. The king gives out his speech. Listening to the king, SJ’s dad opens his eyes. The king is addressing of how he wants to create the better Joseon.(?)

All the ministers are walking out of the room. SJ’s dad is on his way out too. JS’s dad calls for IS’s dad and tells him about his son’s death. IS’s dad looks surprise.

The king is with YHee alone. He burns the GDJS in front of her and talks to her about his promise. YHee listens to the king with tears in her eyes. The king asks her whether she remembers what she read from the GDJS(?) YHee smiles and nods.

YHee walks out alone and faces with SJ’s dad.

YHee is talking with SJ’s dad. He asks her to stay by his son’s side and explains his reasons.

SJ is talking with JS. JS asks him to take good care of YHee so he doesn’t have to worry about her anymore. YHa comes join them and tells them to go to see YHee and he puts his arms around SJ. JS stops him and tells him to let SJ go alone. JS says to YHa his place is with him here, YHa asks him again and hugs him.

SJ walks into the library looking at the desk, he walks further inside. SJ recalls the tip-toe kiss with YHee in here. He also recalls her words telling him in jail that she cannot give him forgiveness but a woman’s heart. Then he sees YHee with the student uniform standing there her back turns to him. He walks to her and asks her “did you see a skilled bear” ,she turns and says “wang so bang” and they smile looking at each other (resemblances of their first encounter in episode 1).

YHa is with a gisaeng smiling, taking off her shirt/ to try on other color. Then the blue flyers are falling from the sky and somebody is yelling ‘the HBS’. YHa mumbling that his friend is on duty again.

JS wearing the official uniform (police), is on the roof catching the HBS. He catches him and opens his mask and it turns out to be a girl, he hiccups. JS warns her to stop distributing the flyers and complaining that the writing is not good showing her flyer with his own correction(?). He lets go of her complaining about how the SKK is not doing a good job teaching their students. As he looks back, the HBS is gone.

At SKK, YHee is wearing the professor uniform, she is now teaching at SKK. The boy students with paper in their hands are chasing after her, captured by her beautiful face. SJ who is also wearing the professor uniform snatches the paper away from the student and reprimands them for going after the professor.

Professor YS and Professor SJ are bantering, facing each other. The chancellor intervenes between them and yelling at how the two professors are fighting. The chancellor turns to see the students are standing there listening to him. Both professors look at each other and walks off to the opposite way.

YHee is in beautiful women attire, she is sitting in the bed room with SJ facing each other.

[ Last scene translations by blue@soompi]
YH = YHee

YH: I believe Professor Lee Sun Joon was in charge of cleaning today. If instead of the cleaning that you’re told to do, all you do is be jealous, how will you get a “Pass” as a husband?
SJ: It can’t be helped if you tell me I’m wrong, but I can’t accept you saying you don’t like me.
[SJ kisses YH]Sj: Then, is this a “Pass”?
(YH laughs)
SJ: I don’t intend to stop until I receive a “Pass.”
[SJ tries to kiss her again]
(YH stops him and blows out the candle)
YH: What’s with you today?
SJ: Hold on a moment. (Grabs the red book)
Sj: I’m still yet inexperienced.
YH: For how long are you going to use that book….?
SJ: Oh, here it is.
Sj: Oh, it wasn’t this?


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