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SKKS preview ~ the wedding night ??

Seon joon havent spoke a word since just now . Though they sill exchanged glances and give each other simles , both of them hadnt exchanged a single word .

The silence started from the moment they had entered the room decorated for their wedding . The room is so dark that the lights from the oil lamp in it is the only thing enabling them to see each other 's face . But still he is silent, as she become impatient with his silence finally yun hee spoke first

" this hurts so much "

as she predicted , this made seon joon jumped in shock

" hurt ? where does it hurt ? "

" thanks to my heartless groom , my shoulders hurt , and my head feel so heavy

The burden of being dressed in the heavy wedding costume , of course it will be hurting her body. Though seon joon understand this ,but he didnt respond with the answer she desire to hear .

" sorry , but can you endure it for a while more. I dont want you to disrobe yet.

Yun hee was speechless, watching him with eyes wide with surprise .
The groom is saying that he doesnt wish to have his bride disrobe when they are on their wedding night , is that anything more strange than this !

But he spoke with such sincere and serious expresion that he doesnt seem to be joking .


" are you really my bride ? are we really married? i still cant really believed it even though i am seeing this with my own eyes? ! "

"if you do not intend to prepare for your bride 's funeral tomorrow , you better help me remove this heavy thing down now ! "

Hearing her complains , he respond teasing her

" this is the first time seeing you dressed in female attire . i wont ever get sick of watching you dressed like this "


Yunhee cant bear to continue her complaints .instead her heart is filled with such apology towards him , who is now frowning with such a serious request . her voice and expression took on a hint of teasing .

" In future i will just let you have your fill of watching me like this till you get sicked of it , will that be okay ?"

In fufture , .seon joon repeated this word in his heart over and over again . Even if the future wlll have more obstacles , but now he will still wish to be wed with her If they do not overcome this hurdle now , they might never have any in future

" yes.. you must! "

he answered with such conviction .

Then he started to help her disrobe . but after removing the wedding headgear , he stopped.

Yun Hee gaze at the old headgear that was borrowed

" Sahyung is a man with such great status ,but now i am making you go through such a humble weddding , i am really ashamed "

" what does it matter this kind of wedding or that kind of wedding . just having you sittng right infront of me like this , i am already content !

The words were spoken with such tenderness and devotion ... and his eyes speak the same as he gazed at her . And also his hands that is now gently covering her hands ,are filled with love and tenderness.

" even if i were really a man ,i will have love sahyung ."

Ever since he met this woman , how many times had he been through hell ,and how many times more in future ? but as long as he can be with her together , even if there is hell far worse then this , he will be able to endure it

Soon jeon 's frowned sightly but soon it wss replaced by twinkle in his eyes and a simle that emerged just for her

"thank you for being a woman . for me, the fact that you are a woman ,there is nothing more that i am grateful for ,

Yun Hee can sensed his feelings for her through his hands that hold hers so tigthly

" Wi ..wish .. i can still get a wish from you, right ? "

"yes "

" now can i use that wish ? "

" what kind of wish ? Since i promised you, i will do my best to make it come true for you "

"this might be abit shameless to ask .but can you promise to love only me forever ?"

She asked so cautiously and he replied without hesitate

" i cannot grant you this wish "

Yun hee held her breathe as she stared at him . Contrary to the answer that he had given to her , his simle was filled with such love as he watched her .

" loving you only forever , even if you didnt make a wish , to me that is the most natural thing to do. so i wont consider it a wish and grant it to you."

Yun hee looked into his eyes , her eyes filled with such happiness
Being with him like this , all the worries seem to have vanished .
she didnt even dare dreamt of being his wife , and even if she had , she was so afraid the dream will be broken and it will hurt even more . so of course ,she can understand him now ,that he cant even bear to see her out of these clothes (cherishig the moment so much thinking it might be a dream )

She stretched out her hands to help him remove his hat .She similed as she continue on to remove that belt around his waist .

" i havent heard of a bride removing the clothes for her groom on the wedding night "
it might sounds like one of the groom lecture again but there is no hint of reprimanding in there. The bride responded in kind with a reburt that wasn’t intend to sounds like one but more like teasing

“ if there is a groom who intend to sit there till morning , then of course there had to be a bride that will do that “

He was captivated by that suggestive graze in her eyes and quickly extinguished the lights out with the chopsticks .

He used his sense of touch to remove her clothes , his hands different from before they had become more eager and hurried . As if reprimanding him for his impatience , Yun Hee spoke :” though it is worrying when the groom sit till the morning but a groom that seem to be obsessed with lust till it hurt his health , is even more worrying .

“Someone said that no matter how much rice wine you drink , you wont be drunk , no matter how much you adore your wife ,it wont hurt your health . Having intimacy with one’s wife is not considered lusting “

“whose words are those ? which sage said that ? Confucius or Mencius ? From now onwards ,I will only follow the person who had said those words .”

Her resistance make him more anxious . he pushed away her hands , and as he started to remove her outer coat , he said : Fortunately this is just a saying ,otherwise I will be jealous of the sages .

“ what will happen to the Confucius and other sages that I have followed for my life ? I wont stop my admiration for them in future too …

He didn’t stop what his hands were doing , removing her dress. And with a hint of laughter in his voice ;

Huh, Nan-Sul-Hun’s * ( shirley : a famous female poet in chosun dynasty ) husband treated Du Fu ( a famous male poet in china ) to be his love rival ,do you intend for me to make Confucius into my love rival . I am a petty husband who will get jealous !

The layers of inner garments under the dress is making him lost patience , there seem to be no end to the layers . And that whispering voice of his wife is making him even more anxious .

“I said before that the skies( heaven) is greater than the sage , so how can the sage compared to my husband who is as high as the sky “

the memories of that moment flashed through his mind , he pushed her to the floor ( shirley : okay I dun know why it wasn’t on the bed ! )

his lips sealed hers, and they drown in each other kiss and it was addictive that they cant stop . Suddenly there were shoutings from outside the door

“ Yo Damuel! “ Yo Garang! are you in there !

Seon Joon hands stopped what he was doing , that amusing tone seem to belong to Yong Ha Sahyung. In Sungkyunkwan , this voice will never fail to appeare at this kind of moment . Now he is even hallucinating about it .

Yun hee was laughing : It is really amazing this thing about habit . I think I heard Yeorim Sahyung voice !

"Yes I heard it too "

But he doesn’t care about this hallucination now , and continue his quest to remove what is remaining of her pants . And Yong ha voice become more clearer now .

“ I received information that the one and only garang is having a secret wedding here .! Quick come out to receive your punishment!

Seon joon break off from Yun Hee in a hurry . Yun Hee was also in shocked and sat up instantly . the two looked at each other , if they heard it together , then it cannot be be hallucination , hence the two was so in shock that they do not even dare breathe

Oh! This is the newlywed room ? How can there not be anyone peeping in ! This wont do , at least I need to poke into the window to take a look

“Hey! Stop it . The ones inside are not children ! what are you doing looking in like that “

that voice came from jaeshin.

Jaeshin and yongha! And there is something more urgent then the problem of both of them being here now . The emergency is that Yong ha voice is getting closer to the door!

The fun of wedding nite is to peep into the newly wed room, how can you do without that !

He isn’t thinking of poking into the paper window is he ?! but with his kind of character , yong ha will definitely do it! Yun Hee and Seon Joon stood up at the same time . She looked around flustered, and was in such a hurry to get out that she cant even differeiante which is the front and back door .

Seon Joon grabbed her hands , and pointed to her clothings , she had only the inner garments on . She was too panic to care about her state of dressing and took the dress to covered herself .

Meanwhile , Yong ha fingers are closing in to the window and poked open one .

Seon joon snatched the dress that yunhee had taken to cover herself .and covered it over the window ! luckily there was voice outside that came to stop Yong Ha

“ Who are you ! why are you here /” Lady Cho asked outside

Seon Joon listend to what was happening ..and whisper to yun hee

“ I will take care of this . ,you just stay here ! don’t go out “

And he let yun hee take the dress, while he looked for the hat he had just taken off/
As he searched , he screamed to the outside “

Yeo rim sahyung! , we haven’t start to undress yet , there is nothing to watch! . I will be right out!

There was a twinge of anger in his voice . it isn’t enough with what happen in Sungkyunkwa , now he had to come and ruined the wedding night . which groom will not be angry . and it had to happen right after he had managed to remove all that layer of clothes

So he stepped out with a stern face , wishing that they weren’t even here right now !

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