Tuesday, November 23, 2010

‘Guh-ro sahyung’ Yoo Ah In transforms into a sweet young man’

Yoo Ah In, whose role in the recent drama <Sungkyunkwan Scandal> has left many fans with the aftermath of ‘Guh-roh ache,’ became a model for weekly film magazine <Cine 21>. Throughout the drama, he became a hot issue and earned the nicknames of ‘Ban Goong’s Crazy Horse,’ ‘Sweet Beastly Man,’ and ‘Protecting Man.’ With the end of <Sungkyunkwan Scandal>, reporter Kim Hye Rhee met with the man who had returned from ‘Guh-roh Moon Jaeshin’ to ‘actor Yoo Ah In.’

Yoo Ah In explained that Guh-roh “is not the kind of puppy you lovingly raised at home, but more like an abandoned dog that was thrown away on the streets,” and “He is a beast who is as sharp as a knife when he has to be, but normally he has no strength.” One of the reasons he fell so deeply for the role of Moon Jaeshin is because the character’s mental/intellectual point of view was so different [from his peers]. He often climbs a tree and looks down from a high vantage point or lays on the ground. “When he climbs a tree, he doesn’t go into the mountains but climbs a tree close to Myungryundang [on SKK's campus], and when he lays down he doesn’t lay in the fields but rather on the veranda in front of Center Room 2,” said Yoo Ah In, explaining further, “He can’t put his feet completely in the inside, so he climbs high to get far away any way he can, but he’s a kid who finds the effort to leave those boundaries and be completely isolated meaningless,” saying that Jaeshin was similar to himself as an actor in that way.

It is also well known that the actor Yoo Ah In is an actor who writes. In the past, the writer and writer Yoo Ah In was thought of as just a basic, literate part of the actor Yoo Ah In, but now he thinks of [his writing] as another kind of work he does. He doesn’t write in order to be a good actor or to make his fans happy; [like acting], it is another kind of work for him.

The interview that followed the magazine photoshoot discussed the acting roles he has had from <Banolim> and <Boys of Tomorrow> to his most recent project <Sungkyunkwan Scandal>, as well as his thoughts on Twitter and other media through which he communicates with his fans. As the conversation started going off on tangents, it went on for a long time.

The photoshoot and interview reporter Kim Hye Rhee did with Yoo Ah In will be in the 780th issue of <Cine21> and will be sold in stores and street kiosks starting November 20th.

Reporter: Choi Chang Nam
Translated by jaeshinah

Source: Morning News

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