Monday, November 8, 2010

Should Yoo Ah In keep his Guel-ro's beard ??

Wow! I’m overwhelmed by the amount of news about Yoo Ah In on the media these days. I wonder how Ah In himself would feel. Others may squeal and marvel at Yoo Ah-in because of the super cute and cool Geul-ro, but I personally take Ah In’s soar in popularity as an indicator that his talent has shined through Geul-ro the character. Without Yoo Ah In, I don’t think I would have loved Guel-ro as much as I did.

Jaeshinah@soompi has taken all the trouble to collect and translate the recent bits of news about Ah In on Nov 2nd and 3rd. Please give her a round of applause and enjoy some yummy Ah In news, everyone.

“I am taking good care of the lips Song Joong Ki liked”-Sport Chosun

At a press conference on the 2nd, Yoo Ah In was asked, “Song Joong Ki remarked that Yoo Ah In’s lips are pretty. Do you also think your lips are your most attractive part?” to which Yoo Ah In gave an embarrassed laugh and said, “I am taking good care of them,” drawing laughter.

Yoo Ah In played the role of Guh-ro Moon Jae Shin who has eyes for only one woman, causing ‘Guh-ro [Heart]ache’ syndrome. He also showed a unique friendship with Song Joong Ki’s character of Gu Yong Ha, prompting viewers to say that rather than the Seonjoon-Yoohee couple, the Jaeshin-Yongha couple was the real gay couple. Yoo Ah In was asked what Song Joong Ki’s most attractive point was, to which he replied “His skin…his skin is really good; it’s like a white gem.”

[LOL I wonder how many times they had direct skin contact during the filming, esp. considering how Yong-ha always takes every chance to jump on Jae-shin!]

“I’m thinking about whether or not to grow my beard”-Mdtoday

At a press conference on the 2nd, Yoo Ah In was asked about his beard. He said, “At first I grew it out for the drama, but I actually like it,” and “People around me say it looks alright, so I’m wondering whether I should not shave it [and let it be].”

Okay, finally somebody asked a question I’m dying to know the answer to!!!! I really want to know if that beard would be kept in the future. Thing is, I don’t like boy/man with fuzzy beard. The beard looks almighty fine on Guel-ro, though. Maybe I’d make an exception…What do you all think?

Should Yoo Ah In keep his Guel-ro's beard?

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