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SKKS - recap ep.19

SJ runs into Jyomong(?) to see YS is standing inside. He reprimands her of taking the risk to come here. YS tells him the GDJS is not here, she thought it’s here.

SJ sees YS wearing a necklace bearing his ring; he hugs her saying he is worried about her safety.(?)

JS is slashed but he is able to fight on until the guard slashes around his waist one more time, he can barely stand. The guards about to capture him, suddenly somebody is shouting on the opppsite side, the guards turn around to look at the voice, JS takes his chance to run and escape. Some guards are running after him. JS is hiding and sees someone standing beside him.

SJ holding YS’s hand, they both run outside and hide behind a stone wall listening to the guards shouting the word ‘HBS’. He holds her hand very tightly.

YHa with 2-3 men standing next to JS, he orders the man to help carry JS to safety.

IS is talking with his dad that the HBS showed up and he thinks the HBS had escaped into SKK.

SJ and YS return to SKK safely, they are walking along the wall of SKK.
The SKK guards come out and talk to them and go back inside SKK. YS turns to see YHa is carring the injured JS on his shoulder.

YHa put JS down on the bedding in his room. JS is unconscious. SJ kneels by his side. YS stands out side the room guarding.

Soldiers burst into SKK confront with the SKK guards not letting them inside, stating that they are not allowed inside SKK. IS shows himself , and as the student president, he grants them permission to search SKK.

With IS voice-over, we see the soldiers burst into many places is SKK such as the library, the classroom searching. The students are startled with all the noises and commotions, they come out of their room.

The soldiers search inside the student rooms. IS with soldiers are rounding the corner to the eastern doom where YS is standing. YS is surrounded by the soldiers confronting with IS.

Inside YHa’s room, SJ comes up with his plan to help JS. YHa is not sure what SJ is saying, he asks him what he means. SJ explains……..

IS tells YS who is standing in front of the room that the HBS is in SKK tonight.
YHa upon listening to SJ, feeling dismay with his idea, apparently SJ is willing to take JS’s place as the HBS to help him. He states his reasons to YHa. Both of them look at each other.

YHa comes out from his room where YS/IS/soldiers are standing by. YHa asks what’s happening(?). IS starts to enter the room, YHa grasps his arm saying the soldiers are not allowed in SKK. IS counters with his reasons and asks him to wait and see.(?)

The soldiers go inside the room and find the HBS outfit; he shouts his discovery loud enough to hear from the outside. Other students start to gather around whispering
the HBS? The soldiers come out the room with the suspect captured, it’s SJ walk out of the room.

IS turns to look at the person captured, seeing SJ his face gone pale. The students are standing there witnessing the capture, all are surprised that it’s SJ.

YS seeing SJ is the captured one, is so startled and whispers to YHa. She seems worried; YHa touches her shoulder to assure her.

IS asks SJ how can he be the HBS? But his father interrupts him and orders SJ be captured without listening to his son.

SJ is arrested and starts to follow the soldiers, before he is out of sight, he turns to look at YS and assures her with his nod. She looks at him worryingly.

Soon dol reports SJ’s news to his dad at home. Upon hearing the news he drops his painting brush, extreme surprise shows on his face. He asks Soon dol that SJ is the HBS? His son is the HBS? Soon dol reassures him.

YHa uses a piece of cloth to clear the sweat from JS’s face talking to YS who is sitting near by. YHa tells YS not be worry for SJ, if he’s not sure that SJ will be safe he will not go ahead with his plan, SJ is the son of the Left minister after all.

JS regains his consciousness and overhears what they are talking; he grasps YHa’s hand and asks him what’s happening? And he tries to get up. JS inquires about SJ, when he learns that SJ’s was arrested on his behalf, he tried again to get up. YHa stops him and explains to him, JS out of frustration, he hits his fist to the floor.

YS asks YHa whether he is sure SJ will be alright, he askes her to trust him that he is Gu Yong Ha after all.

JS asks YS about the GDJS, she shakes her head in denial that she couldn’t find it.

IS’s dad is mad that he couldn’t get to the GDJS but somehow he wants to get back at SJ’s dad by capturing SJ.(?) IS insists to his dad that SJ is not the HBS but to no avail.

The Left minister is visiting his son in jail, he notices the ring on SJ ‘s finger.

He asks SJ about how he was captured and his reason whether it is because he tries to make it up for what his father had done, he explains to his son about the incident that night of the GDJS that he didn’t order the killing. SJ says to his dad that although to that he(his dad) still did help covering the crime.

When SJ finishes, his dad walks out without any response to him. SJ just stands there looking at his leaving.


YS is alone in her room touching the ring in her necklace thoughtfully. In the morning, news paper about the HBS is distributed in SKK. YS and YHa are looking at the news together talking. She is worried about SJ.

JS voices his opinion; both are surprised to see him walking.
YS confronts JS not letting him go to confess, he is injured and SJ already has done so much to protect him. She will not let SJ’s effort go to waste.(?)

JS wants to go and tell his father that SJ’s father is not the mastermind who ordered his brother and YS’s dad be killed. Both YHa and YS are surprised.

JS continues to walk out, he turns around to order YHa to take care of the student president . YHa about to answer him but JS speaks YHa’s words for him ‘I’m Gu Yong Ha’.

JS comes to see his dad and tell him that SJ is not the HBS. He says that you(his dad) also know that too.

His dad seems unconcern about that fact. JS , out of frustration with his dad, opens his shirt for him to see that he can show his wound that he is the HBS. His father is worried to see his wound, he orders the servants to take him inside, JS pushes them away angrily.

His dad gives out his warning. JS calms down listening.

YHa is in his room at SKK, he’s putting on the student council uniform.

IS and his lackeys are confronting with YHa and the other student council members(i.e the soron). YHa tells IS about his wrong doings according to the rules of the student council(?) for bringing in the soldiers to SKK and will put this matter before the student council.

The soron member speaks up that he will take IS off his position.(?)

YHa speaks up, YS is standing behind listening to them.

IS counters YHa that he cannot do that and he leans over to whisper into YHa’s ear. It seems IS did search through YHa’s family background and found that he’s not really a yangban(noble birth?) . IS threats him, he will reveal the truth to everyone. YHa is startled and speechless. IS pats on his shoulder and leaves.

Seeing his quiet stage, YS walks over and asks him what is it about? The soron and other friends also ask him. YHa lowers his head and walks away. He stops by a tree away from others hitting the tree with his hand.
IS and his lackeys are talking in the room. One of the lackey gives out his suggestion.
IS says they will see what kind of person YHa is.(?)

YHa is paying one of SKK guard.
He tells YS that JS is at home, taken in by his father.

YS inquires about his plan for helping SJ, YHa doesn’t know what to do , patting her shoulder saying sorry to her. YS is alarmed and asks him what does he mean? YHa lowers his head doesn’t answer.

A small kid are hitting the bell, YHa is in his room recalling SJ’s words and JS’s words decidedly he stands up and walks out of the room.

The student council meeting is in session, all the students are sitting around with IS and YHa standing in the middle.

IS tells YHa he will not apologize for his bringing the soldiers into SKK, YHa speaks among the students that IS should step down from his position.

IS starts to bring up that YHa is not a yangban so doesn’t have the right to handle this meeting, only yangban are allowed to enter SKK.

All the students are surprised. Document are handed out to each student to look at. YS reads it and is in shock. The students are speaking that YHa is not the yangban(?)

YHa tells all the students about his real status and his family merchant background and his father. All students are surprised. After that YHa brings up SJ case and directs his speech to YS. Since he cannot do it now , he passes it to YS (to petition for SJ’s release). All the students are shouting about his truth revealed.

Tears are brimming YS’s eyes, looking at YHa, she nods her head in understanding.

YHa speaks to IS…….’I’m Gu Yong Ha’ YS smiles with teary eyes.

YHa walks back to his room and finds his clothes being thrown outside and lying around. YHa and YS are together in the room packing his belongings.

They talk about the GDJS. He tells YS to take care about SJ and encourage her. YS is not sure whether she can do it, YHa gives her his support asking her to think about SJ(?). YS listens quietly. YHa smiles looking at her.

YS with a tray of papers in her hand, asking around the SKK students to support the petition to release SJ. YHa is looking at her from afar, because of his status he cannot help her now.

She walks around to the soron, he refuses, then other students also refuse to help. She walks to the two of the threesome and asks them for help. They try to walk away but she stops them begging for their help.

They help her by writing on the paper and keep asking her that they will not get into trouble by doing this. She reassures them that SJ is definitely not the HBS.

While they are talking, IS snatches the paper away and clutches it in his hand.

IS announces to all the students not to participate in this bring up YHa’case. All students are walking away.

SJ sits in front of the king.
The king asks him about the HBS and tells him to speak the truth.

YS talks with YHa worrying about not getting any help from other students. The chancellor knowing SJ is not the HBS intervenes telling them his suggestion.

YHa is complaining, he is wearing back outfits today and he just repulses it. He has to wear hat (gat) too. YS laughs and cheers him with compliments. YHa turns himself around checking his outfit. Soon dol is there with them. They are planning to take JS out of his house today.

JS moves around the room crazily, sweeping/throwing all the things in the room making loud noises out of anger and frustration. His father comes in the room telling to stop.

JS asks his father (Minister of Justice) to help SJ because he is not the HBS. His dad doesn’t seem care(?)
JS is startled listening to his dad. His father is about to leave the room, JS lets out his apology, he says he’s sorry for what he’s done and sorry for everything he’s done and he cries in agony.

He’s begging his dad to help SJ.
His dad listens to JS’s word, overwhelmed by his son’s apology. He listens to JS and walks out. When his dad leaves, JS drops himself to the floor.

JS’s dad sits alone thinking.


YHa and Soon dol are peeking out the wall outside JS’s place. He kicks Soon dol out shouting. Soon dol runs and the guards follows him. YHa calls out for YS.

YHa and YS go in the room to meet JS. YHa runs to JS touching/checking his face. Then he hugs JS lovingly. JS just stands there letting him be.

The guard reports to JS’s dad about JS’s leave. He lets it go.

With the chancellor voice-over: (he advises them to throw out the HBS red messages while SJ is in jail, to show that there is still the HBS)
JS is sitting down writing the HBS messages in red flyers.
They distribute the flyers everywhere. YHa , JS and YS are working together. They are all smiling.

JS brings up visiting SJ in jail. YHa leaves the two of them to change his clothes.

YS is with JS walking. JS stops and tells her to go visit SJ alone. He doesn’t feel comfortable seeing SJ yet of all SJ has been through because of him.

She turns to go. JS calls her and says thank you. YS doesn’t understand what it’s for.
JS says thank you again. YS bows to him and walks on. JS smiles looking at her.

HE is on her way to visit SJ with her servant.

YS walks in where SJ is sitting behind bars. He sits closing his eyes. She looks at him tenderly and kneels down to look at him closely. He still closed his eyes. YS gets up and about to leave, SJ opens his eyes and sees her, he calls out ‘Kim Yoon Shik’

SJ gets up and walks to the bars near where she is standing and happily smiles at her.
YS reaches out to touch his face tenderly. He takes her hand and sees his ring on her finger.

SJ asks for her forgiveness for his dad. She said we cannot choose who to be our fathers.
YS tells him she cannot give him forgiveness but a women’s heart and she smiles at him.

Further away, HE is standing there hearing all their conversations. She puts her hand to cover her mouth with shock.

JS is outside waiting for YS outside. YHa walks to him (in his usual colorful attire) putting his arm around JS’s shoulder. YHa tells JS to let go (about YS) and give up doing this. And they walk away together.

The next day, YS is standing with the petition for SJ’s release in her hand. YHa comes around smiling to her. Other students are joining them and YS smiles. More students are joining including the soron and his friends, he apologises to YS and join her..

YHa joins in, everybody looks surprise. YHa asks about JS. JS is walking in wearing his formal yangban attire for the first time. Students are wowing on his sight. JS smiles shyly. YS takes a look at him and smiles. JS joins them and they all head out SKK.

IS and his lackeys confront them. YS tells him that they are not going to listen to him anymore as he is no longer being recognized as the president.

IS orders the students not to go and shouts at them losing his normal rigid pose. But YS doesn’t listen to him and walks on with other students.

Lackeys are worried about themselves should something happen to IS, so they want to join other students too. IS is about to punch his face but is stopped by one of the lackeys, they all walks away from him, leaving him standing there.(?)

YS, YHa and JS and all the students are lined up and sit down in front of the building where they handle SJ’s custody. YS speaks out loudly representing all the students joining her today, and she bows. YS comes forward and hands out the petition paper for SJ’s release to the representative of the officials.

YHa sits near JS, he compliments YS aggressiveness, JS says it’s because she is the SKK scholar. One of the students shouts the words and they all bows low in front of the building. And they keep repeating doing that. YS stands there watching all her friends and we hear YS voice-over (thinking of how proud of her being in SKK).

YS comes back and is holding the wooden box of her father (given by the king). Inside the box , there are small pieces of wood. She picks one and looks at it. YS thinks of something, so she takes all the pieces out and arranges them together. She thinks about her father, what kind of person he is.

We see flashbacks where YS as a small girl are sitting in front of the table with her father, and all these wooden pieces are on the table lying around. Her father shows her how to put them together.

YS arranges the pieces the same way her father had taught her. It’s turns out to be ‘BANCHON’(?). YS looks at them with teary eyes. Suddenly she runs to the door entering SKK(?) and starts digging the ground with JS voice-over.

IS sits outside at his house, HE and her servant are on their way back. They are talking about their surprises that YS is a woman. IS hears it and asks them.

YS finds the wooden box underneath the ground.

IS is saying YS is a woman.

YS opens the box and finds envelops of papers inside. She takes one out and starts reading. She sits there reading the papers inside. With her voice-over telling her dad that she finds it --the GDJS. <ending>

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