Monday, November 1, 2010

‘Scandal’s Yoo Ah In – Soong Jun Ki, soulmates…actual chemistry of the four main characters ‘hot news’

Seoul, Korea – What would the actual chemistry be like between the four main characters of Seonggyungwan Scandal?

Amidst its popularity, the foursome of KBS 2TV’s Mon/Tue drama Seonggyungwan Scandal, the real-life relationship between Park Yu Chun (Lee Sun Joon), Park Min Young (Kim Yun Hee), Yu Ah In (Moon Jae Shin), and Song Jung Ki (Goo Yong Ha) has caught attention because it mirrors their relationship on the show.

Recently, according to the ‘Dibs’ application analysis, Park Yu Chun and Park Min Young are a compatible couple. Park Min Young was shown to be 94% compatible with Park Yu Chun and Park Yu Chun was shown to be 76% compatible with Park Min Young.

While there is a difference in the love meter, Yu Ah In, another man who is in love with Park Min Young in the drama, had a 92% compatibility rate with Park Min Young in real life. Yu Ah In was also 86% compatible with Park Min Young, prompting the ad to say that the best relationship for them was to be a couple.

Another point of interest was that the hate meter between Park Min Young and Yu Ah In was very low. The point that Park Min Young is not a target of hate on any level is evident in the drama as well. Yu Ah In is slowing rising as the hero for Park Min Young in Seonggyungwan Scandal, loving her and protecting her love as well.

Also, the 10 year friendship between Yu Ah In and Song Jun Ki in Seonggyungwan Scandal was also proven by ‘Dibs’ as it showed that they were soulmates. The soul meter measures how much they can fill each other’s weaknesses, measuring the strength of a friendship. The soul meter of the two were 80% and 82%.

Meanwhile, Seonggyungwan Scandal has two episodes remaining before the end of its run on November 2nd, prompting curiosity as to the fate of the foursome.

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