Monday, November 1, 2010

Yoo Ah In “Tablo’s tears are this generation’s pain”

Seoul, Korea – Actor Yoo Ah In, currently starring in KBS 2TV’s Mon/Tue drama Seonggyungwan Scandal as ‘Geol Oh Sa Hyung’, has grabbed attention for expressing his thoughts regarding singer Tablo’s school controversy by saying “Tablo’s tears are this generation’s pain”.

Recently posted remarks about Tablo’s academic record controversy on Twitter

On the 25th, Yoo Ah In posted on his Twitter “The sky from the well is one’s truth, not the world’s truth. Watched the ‘MBC Special’ late”, remarking on the controversy surrounding Tablo’s academic record.
Yoo Ah In remarked “Even if the case closes, the hurts will remain and the situation will stay the same”, adding “this is the generation of the internet and fast information. Once these things become misused, we have to check whether our filters are clean and kept in line”.

He added “One-sided knowledge is scarier than ignorance” adding “Is there anyone among you that does not care about one’s pain because you have no responsibility for that? His tears are those of this generation’s pain that everyone must reflect on and fix together”.

Meanwhile, Tablo, who graduated from Stanford University, is currently in a conflict with netizens accusing him of academic forgery, and the ‘MBC Special’ that dealt with this problem by going to Stanford with Tablo has become a hot topic of discussion.

After this, the police announced on the 8th that they have confirmed Tablo’s academic records, quieting the controversy and the internet café which accused Tablo’s forging of his records has shut down.

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