Thursday, November 11, 2010

KARA to make acting debut through Japanese drama, “URAKARA”

KARA will be making their acting debuts next year through a reality show called “URAKARA” on Japan’s TV Tokyo 24.

“URAKARA” is a ‘dating mission drama’, in which the girls are given missions involving both virtual and reality dating. The show plans to reveal the different sides of the members, while delighting viewers with their innocence on the subject of love.

Sankei Sports revealed, “The members will be using both Japanese and Korean in their script. Filming will take place in both countries as well. They’re able to converse comfortably in Japanese, but they’ll be studying the language more intensively in order to express a broader variety of emotions. They’re excited, but are also nervous.

The drama consists of 12 episodes in total and will begin airing on January 14th.

KARA is also currently promoting their latest single “Jumping” in both Korea and Japan.

Source + Photos: MyDaily

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