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Stars of ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ Look Back as Show Ends

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Micky, a member of the idol boy band TVXQ who played Lee Seon-jun,  made a successful acting debut with the role. He said, “When I joined  the drama in the beginning, many people told me that I would feel the  time had flown so fast at the end, but it doesn’t seem to be the case  for me. From the beginning to the end, I’ve felt tense and nervous  because this is my acting debut and I was at a critical point in my  career. I am very grateful for all the support I have received and I  will keep trying my best not to let fans down as both an actor and  singer.”

Park Min-young played Kim Yun-hee, a girl disguised as a boy to study  at Sungkyunkwan. She said that she gave all she had to the drama, so  she doesn’t have any regrets. She said, “It’s the work that I can  proudly show to my daughter in the future if I get to have one. I may  feel lost and hollow later after all this devotion and success, but I  would feel thankful even for that. Most of all, I am deeply indebted for  all the support and attention I enjoyed.”

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Yu A-in has emerged as another heartthrob with his role of the  rebellious boy Moon Jae-shin. But he confessed that he wasn’t confident  he could do well at first and only pretended he was. He said, “I studied  the scripts thoroughly while brainwashing myself that I could do it.  And it seems to have paid off. I am very happy to hear that I  successfully portrayed the character. It will be one of the most  memorable works in my career.”

Song Joong-ki, who played Gu Yong-ha, a cheerful and lovely boy who  cherishes his friendship with Moon Jae-shin, enjoyed great popularity  with his childlike image. He said, “It’s like a dream to receive this  huge support and attention. It certainly makes me feel delighted. Gu  Yong-ha is a handsome and stylish character, but due to tight shooting  schedule I looked very tired with dark circles under my eyes. I feel  regretful about that. I had such a good time shooting the film. I feel  grateful to work with Micky, [Yu] A-in and [Park] Min-young.”

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 Another rising star the show has produced is Jun Tae-soo, who played  the evil school representative Ha In-su. Jun said that he can’t believe  the drama has ended, saying, “I feel like I should still go to work  tomorrow. I never imagined that I could have this appeal and draw this  much attention, so I can’t believe what is happening to me now and feel  tremendously thankful. I have a little regret that I could do even  better, but I hope that fans see that I’ve tried hard to do my best. I  also hope to meet the fans soon with another work.”

source: KBS

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