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Biography Yoo Ah In

Stage Name: 유아인 (Yoo Ah In)
Real Name: 엄홍식 (Uhm Hong Sik)
Birthdate: October 6, 1986
Hometown: Dae-gu, South Korea
Height: 181cm
Weight: 62kg
Blood Type: A
Profession: Actor
Family: Father, Mother, Two Older Sisters
Education: Currently Attending Gun Gook University, Film Major
Management Company: Star K Entertainment



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His character: 문재신 Moon Jae Shin (a.k.a Mad Horse Gun-ro, Moony virus carrier, Smexiest Hok Beuk Suh ever!). Inseparable part of the scandal. Can’t miss him in any episode!

Novel excerpts: yogurutu’s blog

His character: 박현구 Park Hyun Goo (a.k.a cutest boy-next-door ever!). He has some considerable amount of screen-time in every episode.

Park Hyun Goo’s scene cuts: Youtube

His character: 흑산 Heuk San (a.k.a Kim Hyuk, hottest assassin ever!). Role not prominent until ~ep. 12. Then stole the show with his portrayal of a morally-torn assassin.


His character: 민석 Min Suk. He shared a kiss with Park Gri Na (who played Soo Ha) here. urgggggggg!!!!!

Min Suk’s kiss cut: 1


His character: 16-year old Kang Jae Sup. His character only appears in ep. 1, during the childhood set-up. Kang Jae-sup is later played by Jo Han Sun.

Streaming site of ep. 1: Youtube (this one has Japanese sub)


His character: 유아인 Yoo Ah In. (a.k.a. Ah In Oppa) He plays an art student.
Ah In’s cuts: 1, 2, 3, 4
His character: 진구 Jin Goo. Jin Goo is a pizza delivery boy who is taking advantage of Sky (Jang Nara) at first, but thanks to various twists and turns he becomes one of her best friends.

His character: 양기범 Yang Ki Bum. He’s a former boxing champion who has an aspiration to become a patissier.

His character: 종대 Jong Dae. The movie is a coming-of-age story centering around Jong Dae and his hyung. Yoo Ah In had ample screen-time and chances to shine. And he did! He won the 8th Pusan Movie Critique’s Award: Best New Actor for this role.

His character: 심용태 Shim Yong Tae. He plays a hilariously emo, boyish brother who believes that he was a King in the previous life.
Vietnamese recaps: part 1, part 2


2008 11th Director’s Cut Award: Best New Actor for Antique Bakery

2007 3rd Pyung Tak Pi Uh Sun Movie Festival: Best New Actor for Boys of Tomorrow

2007 8th Pusan Movie Critique’s Award: Best New Actor for Boys of Tomorrow




(Click on the link to watch)
1/19/2009 야심만만 Season 2 (Ya Shim Man Man Season 2) (courtesy of detortue@youtube and Rxgoodleaf @ Soompi)
11/10/2008 놀러와 (Come to Play) (courtesy of Miracle13oys)
Skoolooks, with Jang Geun Suk!

Nong Shim snack

Nong Shim ramen (watch on Nate)

Yoo Ah In shopping mall
T.O’s 발자국 (Footprints) MV

Yoo Ah In in Boys of Tomorrow (2007)

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