Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sungkyunkwan Scandal PD: "No one from J-4 dies"

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With only two episodes left, KBS 2TV SKKS audience is focused on how it will end.
The broadcast on the 26th left Geoloh (Yoo Ah In) in a crisis in his attempt to save Yoonhee (Park Min Young), by throwing himself against the group led by Ha Insoo (Jeon Tae Su).

In the process, someone is slashed by the sword, and speculations are spreading about Geoloh dying in order to save Yoonhee.

This has been gathering special attention because Geoloh (who is subject of new coined phrase "Geoloh Ari") has many female fans who ache for him.

To this, drama PD Kim Won Seok, through his correspondence with Money Today Star News on the 27th, states, "Since its planning phase, the concept of killing off one of the Jalgeum Four has never been mentioned."

Kim also states, "This drama is about the growth of Seonjoon (Park Yoonchun), Yoonhee (Park Min Young), Geoloh (Yoo Ah In), Yongha (Song Joongki). The story of growth for these Jalgeum Quartet. Hence in the final episode (to broadcast on November 2nd), the audience can see how these four have grown up."

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