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SKKS ep. 18 long preview translation

[[ep. 18 long preview]]

[scene with Geoloh and Yeorim]

Yeorim: You know, don't you? Who is the culprit?
I told you already. The one I trust is not the king, but you, Geoloh.
We said we'd find him. We said we'd find the mastermind no matter what, for that surreal new Joseon...

Geoloh: The left-state minister is the one behind all these incidents.

Yeorim: What?

Geoloh: Lower your voice or else!

Yeorim: So you're saying.. the mastermind behind all these incidents, is the left-state minister? Lee Seonjoon's father?
What happened to professor Kim Seung-hun and sungkyunkwan student president Moon Young-shin.. I mean, all these incidents that were linked to the destruction of Geumdeungjisa.. the left-state Minister is the one who masterminded all these? I'm asking you!

Geoloh: I told you to lower your voice.

(Daemul appears)

Daemul: Sahyung, what did you say?
Who did you just say was the mastermind behind all these incidents?
I must hear it.

Yeorim: I'm sorry, Daemul. Nothing is confirmed yet.

Garang: Is it true that once we find out who the owner of this document is, then we can confirm who the mastermind is?
Will it be fine if I looked into it?

Yeorim: Will you be able to?

Garang: If my father is really the mastermind, then I am the one most suited for it, aren't I?


[scene with Jeongjo, Professor Jeong, Lee Seonjoon]

Jeongjo: Are you telling me you already solved the secret mission? What is your reason for wanting to see me so urgently in the middle of the night?

Garang: Will you withdraw the secret mission you've given me?

Jeongjo: It is my royal command.

Garang: Did you choose me, not because I am the son of Noron, but the son of an offender?
If you're seeking the son for the offense of the father, then instead of a secret mission, I will gladly accept any punishment at this hour.

Jeongjo: I, too, am the son of what you Norons call an offender. However the reason I chose you is because...


[scene with Yeorim and Daemul]

Daemul: I.. think I better go out there.

Yeorim: It's already the time. He will come. Lee Seonjoon. This is something that happened over 10 years ago. Just because you go outside and wait, the truths that exist will neither disappear nor change.


[scene with Garang and Geoloh]

Geoloh: Don't do it. That land document is something we don't know. It's something that has nothing to do with you. Just say that. Our secret mission is to find the Geumdeungjisa. I too would like to halt on the matter of looking for the mastermind.

Garang: Why would we do that? We couldn't decipher the code in the secret instructions, therefore as of now, the only clue we can have for finding Geumdeungjisa is to find the culprit and the mastermind. So then, why should we stop? Furthermore, in order to find the truth about the mastermind, you have...

Geoloh: That's right. I who did that.. is now choosing to be silent infront of the truth, which is a cowardly act. I who scorned such thing so dearly.. is choosing to shut my mouth. So if you're trying to be a brat and show off on how honest and honorable and proud you are, then just stop this at once.

Garang: Sahyung!

Geoloh: People become cowardly because they have someone they wish to protect. Kim Yoonshik.. isn't he someone like that to you? Do you think he could forgive you?


[scene with Kim Yoonshik, Lee Seonjoon, and Gu Yongha]

Daemul: What did you just say...? So...

Garang: The land document that went to the Hanseongbu (capitol) government official is indeed my father's, is what I said.

Daemul: So what you're saying is.. the one who did that to my father... is really the left-state minister?

Garang: I believe that is right.


[scene with Geoloh, Yeorim, Garang]

Yeorim: So are you saying it's possible that the mastermind behind this may not be the left-state minister?

Garang: My father as I know him, would never make a mistake like this. If my father planned and carried this out, then even if 10 years pass, there wouldn't be traces like this floating around.

Yeorim: So you will believe your father until the end.

Garang: I am telling you my father is someone scarier than you can imagine.

Yeorim: You are cold-hearted (calm) indeed.

Garang: That Yoonchan (military personnel).. the one who escorted Professor Kim Seung-hun that day.. where is he? I need to find the truth.
It's possible that he could give us more leads concerning this matter.

Yeorim: Unfortunately, he seems to have caught wind of it already. He quit at the Hanseongbu administration, and it seems he is not showing his face around the gambling houses either.


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