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SKKS ep. 17 long preview translsation

Jeongjo: Such precious comrades.. you were treated roughly. It was because there was no choice, in order to escape the eyes of others. Will you forgive the rudeness of your king?
What to do.. Professor Jeong.. it appears your pupils will not accept the apology of a king.

(Professor Jeong appears)

Jalgeum 4: Teacher...

Jeongjo: I am about to command a secret mission upon you.
(uncovers a city map, among others)

Jeongjo: I will build a new city by this place, Hwaseong fortress.
I will give those who want to sell their place of commerce,
and to those who want to plough the fields, their farm.
A great city of the East without political factions, without slaves or noblemen, where richness and poverty are shared, and where class distinction is absent.
This is the dream my father bequeathed me, and this is the dream that I wish to dream, together with you.

Yeorim: However, Your Majesty, is this dream really a possibility?


[different scene. J4, after reading a letter of some sort]

Daemul: I want to find it. No, I must find it. Though I cannot remember his face clearly, I wish to learn what my father was like.
If I look for his dying instructions that are missing.. if I follow his last traces, then perhaps I can understand a little.... who he was, and how he lived his life... I wish to know.


[Jeongjo, Prime Minister, Professor Jeong]
(Jeongjo holding a drink cup pacing back and forth)

Prime Minister: Moon Jaeshin and Kim Yoonshik are more fitting to carry out this secret mission than anyone else. However, Your Majesty, I am inadequate to comprehend why Lee Seonjoon, the son of Noron, and that other, who is neither a Namin nor a Soron.. what was his name, Professor Jeong?

Jeong: He is scholar Gu Yongha.

Prime M: I fail to understand the deep intent behind your commanding of the secret mission upon that child, Your Majesty.

Jeongjo: (laugh) You say it's deep intent like a compliment, but it seems you are reprimanding me for my recklessness.
Gu Yongha, that amusing boy, is precisely the future of Joseon, that I wish to build.


[War Minister and Ha Insoo]

War Minister: So Hongbyeokseo (red messenger) is the Daesahun (Chief Inspector)'s son...
Insoo: This is his belonging we found at the place where Hongbyeokseo disappeared.
War Minister: We have a hunch, and we have a piece of evidence, but we have no definite proof.
Insoo: We can send the military to Sungkyunkwan tomorrow to capture him and send him to geumbu (high-crime treason court/holding).
War Minister: You mean to use such radical measure, as to send military into Sungkyunkwan?


[Kim Yoonshik and Lee Seonjoon scene]

Kim Yoonshik: That place where Geumdeungjisa (Yeongjo's letter defaming Noron) is.. that place where our nation begins... will I be able to find it?
I have never done anything this enormous, and I have no interest in political affair or matters of our nation, and I am not bright-minded, and I can't even begin to guess what my father's thoughts and aspirations were, and in addition, I...

Seonjoon: I will be by your side.


[next scene, Professor Jeong and Moon Jaeshin]

Professor Jeong: The king has a special request for you. Do not come forward as Hongbyeokseo and supply them secrets of any kind anymore.

Jaeshin: You (he) knew?

Jeong: Though your father is Chief Inspector, if you should be arrested by Minister of War now, he cannot save you.

Jaeshin: I am already aware of that. I believe he has not the power.... nor the desire to do so... my father.

Jeong: Your older brother was a good writer as well. Through your bulletins, I saw his image, and it was a welcoming sight. Did you work hard so your writing can resemble his?

Jaeshin: Loving the people without worrying for the nation is not poetry. Aching for the era without infuriation at the world is not poetry. Promoting virtue without guarding evil is not poetry.
This is from the book I take pleasure in reading, a book of poetry and writings by Sungkyunkwan's long-time scholar Jeong Yak-yong.

Jeong Yak-Yong: Even so, if you should lack in attendance, you will once again fail the Confucius analects class this school year.


[Sungkyunkwan library: Kim Yoonshik]

Daemul thinking: Did he say the golden document from the classic of history (1 of 5 Confucius classics)?

Garang thinking: "smile once, younger once; angry once, older once." If you laugh once, you are younger by one year, and if you're mad once, you gain an wrinkle. It was just a prank, so please be angry no more.
"Those whose strength is not enough give up half way. You are now limiting yourself." This is a teaching from the Analects of Confucius.
To give up something you've started is not something a Confucius scholar should do.. Know your enemy and know yourself, and you will win a hundred battles... are you really so unaware of my heart?


[Yeorim in the presence of soldiers, holding a petition letter of some sort]

Soldier 1: This is great. Hey, young'in! Leave that gallbadder of a bear and come have a drink instead. I feel bad drinking free liquor.

Yeorim: That's nothing for all that hard work you esteemed elders do for our nation. Please, continue drinking more.

Soldier 1: Here, here, let's all have a drink...


[next scene, Ha Insoo the ringleader w/ the losers]

Byeongchoon: But, Jangeui, why investigate about Yeorim's family census all of a sudden?
Insoo: The Gods aim to help me, so I should do my human best as well.


[Moon Jaeshin and Daesahun (dad)]
(Jaeshin going through his father's personal cabinet]

Daesahun: What deed is this you're doing? This is where I conduct my work. Even though you're my son...

Jaeshin: Why is this here? Please answer. Why is there this record about older brother's incident and these investigation records about Left State Minister and War Minister?


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