Monday, October 25, 2010

Park Min Young interview : on her anti-fans and Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Park Min Young has anti-fans ? Unfortunately yes.
That’s she says during a brief interview with Osen last October 18 in the middle of her busy schedule.

24 years old Park Min Young  escaped from Sungkyunkwan Scandal filming set, visited her mother in Seoul for a day  then she headed to Daegu to throw first ball for Korean baseball series and then back again to  filming set.

She arrives at interview as a pretty girl with long hair and short pants.

SS started at first time competed against MBC  Dong Yi and  SBS Giant and reached lower than expected rating fot its debut (around 8%) . Though everyone thought it was not easy game, but actual result was so disappointed for the actors and staffs. But they must be happy now since SS scored around 14% rating in the last 2 episodes.

When reporter asked about that, Park says :
‘My heart fell down when I knew the rating of the first episode. I was afraid it was because of my performance. The first and second episode depended on me in many area. The starting part of drama was depended on my role  according to script. So, I thought the low rating was because of me.’

She followed :

‘As episodes went on, the view rate got higher. Though it was slow, I was so happy. Each morning in shooting set, I checked rating and shouted to PD ‘Sir, it is higher again’. Though nobody talked about the rating, of course everybody concerned.  It was true that got better response to drama made us more energetic. Most of happy thing for me is that my anti-fans  get lower and female fan  get more’

She laughed and followed :

On the internet bulletin, there comes comment like ‘I throw out prejudice to you. At the first time, I though you have very cold and sharp mind. But now when I saw you in drama, I can feel your enthusiasm and heart’.
Sometimes, female fan in shooting set cheered me ‘Good job, Min Young, you go girl !’  I like those cheering than comments ‘You are so pretty’ by the male fan’

Park Min Young created many anti-fans from her debut drama, Unstoppable High Kick (2006). Her role was a  very cold and clever image girl so  many girl-viewers didn’t  like her.
Then as soon as finished Unstoppable High Kick she was chosen as a main cast in I am Sam. The success of scored lead role on her second drama added the hate and jealousy for her. Many said :  ‘She is just rookie, this is too fast’.
Of course Min Young was hurt saw the critics and bad comments in internet. But, she grown ups and gets stronger after joined more dramas.

Before the interview ended she commented her outfit she wore during interview, she says
‘It’s long time ago that I wore this kind of pretty cloth. Usually nowadays, I wears men-hanbok. Last time when I entered filming set wore a  skirt, everyone tickled me ‘Change the cloth, you are not our Yoon Shik’. Everyone treated me like a younger brother. HaHaHa’.

We gonna miss you, Yoon Shik , when Sungkyunkwan Scandal ended.

Source : Asiae

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Joy (aizamia83) said...

ottoke...klu belakon sama idol star jak mesti ada anti fans..micky yoochun dbsk lg tu..adehh..

syuwai skr said...

tu la.. adedei


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