Monday, October 25, 2010

Park Min Young needs help for her hugging scene with Micky Yoochun

Yes, she needs help from a board for that heartbreaking scene.
Due to her small height, Park Min Young aka Kim Yoon Shik needs to stand above a board so Micky Yoochun aka Lee Seon Joon can perfectly hugging her. Ha !

This addictive drama released that picture along with some other picture of Park Min Young trains her scene : slipping into a valley. It’s great seeing her so happy and full of smile in the hectic tight shooting schedule.
After hugs by Lee Seon Joon, Kim Yoon Shik run into him (maybe to reveals that she loves him too), but she slips and falls to the river. Seon Joon helps her and found out that Yoon Shik is a woman ! Awwww ! Finally !
The scene can be found in the episode 15 of Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

Source : The Star

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