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Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 18: Live Recap

Episode 18 Recap

another cute new cartoon credit
they started from the hat scene and the kiss

[Inside the room JS and Yeorim are talking]

Yeorim: You know, don’t you? Who is the culprit?
I told you already. The one I trust is not the King, but you, Geol Oh.
We said we’d find him. We said we’d find the mastermind no matter what, for that surreal new Joseon…

JS: The left-state minister is the one behind all these incidents.

Yeorim: What?

JS: Lower your voice or else!

Yeorim: So you’re saying.. the mastermind behind all these incidents, is the left-state minister? LSJ’s father?
What happened to professor Kim Seung-hun and Sungkyunkwan student president Moon Young-shin.. I mean, all these incidents that were linked to the destruction of Geumdeungjisa.. the left-state Minister is the one who masterminded all these? I’m asking you!

JS: I told you to lower your voice.

(Yhee appears with SJ)

Yhee: What did you say Senior?
Who did you just say was the mastermind behind all these incidents?
I must hear it.

Yeorim: I’m sorry, Daemul. Nothing is confirmed yet.

SJ: Is it true that once we find out who the owner of this document is, then we can confirm who the mastermind is?
Will it be fine if I looked into it?

Yeorim: Will you be able to?

SJ: If my father is really the mastermind, then am I not the one most suited for it?
As SJ leaves the room he places his hand on Yhee’s shoulder

***YH and JS drink and YH asks if JS wanted to give up cuz JS is being considerate to Yhee and YH guesses that JS knows about SJ and Yhee and feels bad for JS

YH: is it because of Daemul? the reason why you didnt want to probe (?)more … was it because Kim Yoon Shik’s heart might get hurt because of SJ? (he uses a commong korean phrase here but I never had to translate it before – you use it on friends when they do something good and altrusitic-”you sure are good”) when did those two..? Wait…how did you know…? LSJ left…he went to go meet his father to confirm whether his father was the owner of the land

JS doesnt answer and keeps pouring and drinking

(so this scene clearly shows that JS and YH both know that Yhee and SJ are in a relationship)

SJ confronts his dad and asks his father if he is the owner of the land and his dad tells SJ to stop looking for the GDJS and not be involved in looking for it anymire thens says something about the whole thing with the King and the Kings dad and explains it all to SJ (and they lost me)

SJ asks his father if his father was responsisble for everything the deaths and all and his father says he didnt do anything wrong but SJ points to all the evidence and his father yells at SJ for turning his back on his father
not sure but as he as leaving I think he said something hurtful to his dad like he didnt want to be his son or doesnt believe him or something -total guess cuz I never heard those words before (guessed that based on the ominous music score and SJ tearing up and bowing to his father like it would be the last time he sees him or something)

*Ronar eloquently translated this:
And at the end of the conversation with his father, LSJ told his father the left state minister that from now on he intends to be his ‘political enemy’.

The state minister said that he never once regret to have Crown Prince Sado(King Jungjo’s father) killed by the late king. It was for the good of the people and the nation. LSJ asks him why then he’s afraid of GDJS.

The minister’s answer was impressive. He’s not afraid of GDJS, but he’s afraid of the irrational, emotional responses that will be caused by the letter full of regret written by the late king. Human emotion should never get in the way of sane political decision making process. It is very common that fathers and sons become political enemies.

So SJ tells his father that he, the pride of his father, the perfect son, is going to be the arch political enemy of the minister.

Yhee is alone and remembers what YH said earlier about SJ’s dad being the criminal. JS goes to her and says it’s late and that if she doesnt sleep and just read, she wont grow tall.

***as they walk home together, he carries some books for her and she rambles on about some books and how Norons might have been afraid of something and JS cuts her off and tells her “to think slowly, one by one “and he tells her to go in and sleep cuz he is going avoid her bad sleeping habit and go to YH’s room. as she takes the books from him, JS sees the ring on her finger. before he can walk off, she asks “Senior-do you think it’s true? something must have gone wrong…right? (referring to SJ’s dad being the criminal -like it must be a mistake). JS only tells her to not worry to much and that when JS comes back, she’ll know the details.

[scene with Yeorim and Yhee]

Yhee: I.. think I better go out there.

Yeorim: It’s already time. He will come. Lee Seonjoon. This is something that happened over 10 years ago. Just because you go outside and wait, the truths that exist will neither disappear nor change.

On the street outside, JS is trying desperately to talk SJ out of going in and telling Yhee the truth about SJ’s father

JS: Don’t do it. The land registry certificate is something that we don’t know about. It’s something that has nothing to do with you. Just say that. The secret mission is to find the Geum deung ji sa. I also intend to stop trying to find out who the mastermind behind this is.

SJ: Why would we do that? We couldn’t decipher the code in the secret instructions, therefore as of now, the only clue we can have for finding Geumdeungjisa is to find the culprit and the mastermind. So then, why should we stop? Furthermore, in order to find the truth about the mastermind, you have…

JS: That’s right. It is a cowardly thing for me to stay silent when the truth is front of me. I-who scorned such a thing-am now choosing to shut my mouth. So if you are thinking of trying to show off how honest and honorable and proud you are again, then just stop it at once.

SJ: Senior

JS: When ppl become cowardly, it’s because they want to protect someone. Kim Yoon Shik, isn’t he someone like that to you?(grabbing SJ’s shoulder to stop him) Do you think that kid will be able to forgive you?

***SJ: Before I can say I am sorry, finding the culprit and capturing him should come first is what i know(my guess). More than that Senior, KYS is not the only person I need to seek forgiveness from. I’ll try very hard to not let KYS get hurt. (and SJ gently pulls JS hands off his shoulder and walks away)

(I LOVE this scene so much)


inside the room

[scene with Yhee, SJ, and Yeorim but Yeorim leaves the room to give them privacy]

Yhee: What did you just say…? So…

SJ: The land document that went to the Hanseongbu (capitol) government official is indeed my father’s, is what I said.

Yhee: So… the one who did that to my father… is really the Left-State Minister? Is that what you are saying now?

SJ: You can’t understand what I said?

***and she says I dont understand any of this and tries to leave, but he stops her by holding onto her but she says “stop-dont make listen to anymore-it’s too cruel” and he lets her go
and YH tries to go after her but JS stops him and lets SJ go after her.

SJ catches up to her on the street and places his hand on her shoulder and says”if I could, I want to ask for forgiveness on his behalf. If you can’t forgive, Ill have to accept that too. But if you give me permission, i want to do everything I can…from finding the witness (guess) finding the missing GDJS…want to see this through all the way to the end.

Yhee (crying) : Saying all that now after ….(dont get the first line) GDJS? What will finding it change?
as she turns to leave, he tried to hold her arm to stop her and he says “what about me?” and she says she needs time, time to think and she leaves him on the street.


Yh and JS come out and says to SJ that at times like this he needs a drinking buddy and if he doesnt want to drink that SJ could at least use a friend and takes SJ away with them

Guard Yoon and IS’s dad strike a deal and IS’s dad gives Guard Yoon a lot of money to go hide quietly. Chosun is there listening and pouring the drink

Yhee goes home and is dressed as a girl and she is asking her mom to tell her about her father and how he died and her mom says it’s her duty not to speak of it because of the reasons behind his death (is what i think she said). Yhee says “so its true that father died unfairly” and that her mom should have told Yhee from the start

***she sits on her porch with her bro and they share memories about their father
Yhee: what kind of person do you think father was? YS,Whenever I thought of father, a cold wind blew through my heart. When father placed you on his lap and read to you, your sister’s seat was always outside the door. so whenever I thought of father, I couldnt picture his face. all I could remember was his silhouette through the door.

[They flash back to little Yhee staring at her father's form through the door]

YS: sister, you really didnt know? Father always read aloud in a loud voice near the door [they continue to flash to a scene where her father is reading aloud looking over to the door periodically while a little boy plays with a toy in his lap throughout YS's speech] He always chose books that were too hard for a little boy like me. Instead of me, father was always reading aloud for you sister, the one outside the door. sister, you’re saying you didnt know that all this time?

Yhee’s father’s narration: I ‘m worried about how well my daughter is improving in (Literature? I’m guessing) —–(something beautiful about how much her father wished he could have nurtured her talents and that she was a teacher’s dream student)—— I’m a helpless father who is unable to give his gifted child the chance to study and it breaks my heart

[i might not have gotten some of the exact wording right, but most of it was correct I think. This is the scene where she realizes just how wrong she was about her father and that's why she is crying so much]


Yhee goes to see PJ and asks “isnt it possible that my father died trying to prevent someone from stealing the GDJS.”….and then she asks why her dad decided to do such a dangerous thing and he tells her her father gave his life to give his gifted child new opportunities.
[there was more but that was all I understood]

Yhee figures out the GDJS is insideSKK and they figure out where but I dont get this part

***Yhee is trying to reach for a scroll she cant quite get and SJ gets it for her and sees that she isnt wearing her ring and she confesses that she thought she should take it off (under these circumstances)

Yhee (crying-explains herself) : I always misunderstood my father and thought he didnt like putting up with someone like me..i didnt see my father for who he was….(guessed)
i want to find out – I want to know why my father wanted to find the GDJS that much
this might be the first and last time I have the chance to understand my father.
I made my father lonely for too long, that’s why I….

SJ wipes her tears and says “enough-you can stop explaining- I understood it all. I promise-no matter what I have to do-I’m going to find the GDJS.

[SJ smiles sweetly at her and walks away]


IS and SJ’s dad meet and SJ’s dad says he thinks the GDJS is at SKK and asks IS to use his son to find out why and IS’s dad asks why cant we use your son and gets that there might have been a recent rift between them and they SJ’s dad says something to anger IS’s dad and IS’s dad vows to show what kind of person he is to SJ’s dad – he says all this to chosun and says he has something for her to do and grabs her hand and then IS comes in

***SJ looks all over town with a sketch of that guard Yoon guy looking for him and doesn’t keep track of the time and YH, Yhee, and JS waits for SJ. YH guesses that SJ is having a hard time and JS says “let’s give him a few more minutes, he is not the type to go back on his promise.”

YH: Dont you have to not keep a promise like this to be human? [even though following a royal decree is important (guess)], it must be hard for a son to uncover his own father’s criminal acts. I totally understand what LSJ is going through.

SJ YH and Yhee try to figure out from the clues where the book is based on what they know about the campus and JS says look where the world starts and Yhee tries to follow that clue by looking under all the name stands and YH bribes a guard to get his keys to check another place but none of them find anything
omg why are they talking like this cuz i dont get it – Yhee said she has another place she wants to check i think – no clue

IS asks YH why he is hanging out with SJ so much these days and accuses YH of being different from the others and IS says it’s not too late for YH to come to IS’s side and YH insults IS and says IS is tacky and IS says this will be the last time YH insults him and didnt catch that last part

SJ checks the gambling halls for Guard Yoon and gets into a fight with some guys when one of them starts punching SJ (probably cuz he looks good and rich) and SJ fights back and gets in a few punches but ends up on the floor getting kicked around

*Ronar’s impression of this scene:
I was touched by the expression on SJ’s face when he was beaten and kicked by the gambling men. He seemed rather to be relieved in physical, palpable pain. So although he’s a much better fighter, he just let go and chose to be beaten. Heart-wrenching. Micky ever faintly smiled and it was heartbreaking.


***Yhee is pouring over a stack of books alone for a long time it seems so JS wordlessly places a rice ball for her to eat on top of a book and is about to walk away when YH runs in and yells “SJ got in some trouble” which startles Yhee and all three go to where SJ is (the gambling hall)

As soon as YH sees SJ, YH asks “are you the LSJ I know” [because of all the bruises on SJ's face] and YH is surprised that SJ would persist even in this condition and asks SJ why and SJ answers “to find out the truth about what happened that night ten years ago.”

YH warns SJ that if they find the GDJS that SJ might not be able to live well off as a Minister’s son and if he is okay with that and SJ says “no matter how I live, it’s better than living as the son of a criminal”

Yhee goes outside and SJ follows her out. Yhee tells him to stop if SJ is doing it for her – she says she cant even remember her father’s face, but it hurts so much (something something) but SJ thinks of his father as an (ideal ???)one so she gives him permission to stop cuz she cant watch anymore

***and he back hugs her and says crying, “I wanted your forgiveness – for having to fill your father’s shoes and take on all the burdens and have to disguise yourself as a man- for having to take care of a sick bro and work to get his medicine – for every time you had to endure cold, hunger, and lonelines, I wanted to erase those memories for you (??) -During that time, not knowing anything, reading in a warm room-I thought i shouldnt be forgiven, but I was so sorry. If I could turn back time, I wish I could make it up to you /endure all that for you, so I wanted to say that I ask for your forgiveness

(hardest speech to translate EVER)


Yh tells JS he should know how it’s like living in hell hating your own father

Alone in a room, SJ’s dad thinks about the last thing SJ said to him

The king asks PJ how the kids are getting along solving the clues and soemthing i didnt catch

just as SJ finds Guard Yoon, chosun dressed as HBS shows up and tries to kill the guard but SJ intervenes and fights her off with his hands and when he can’t, he uses his body to shield the guard, but just as she is about to cut SJ down, JS comes to the rescue and fights her off without a sword and easily grabs her arm where she was injured last time I think or maybe cuz he twists her arm, she is easily subdued and she ends up dropping her sword. While he hold her arm, JS asks SJ “why do you walk so fast, I almost died trying to catch up to you”. Chosun takes the opportunity then to break free and JS runs after her.

The guard tries to sneak away from SJ, but SJ grabs hold of him.

JS and CS fight bare fisted and of course, JS manages to hold her in an arm lock long enough to pull down her mask and confirm his suspicions. she wrestles free and runs off and JS lets her get away and says “I was right it was Chosun”

(now that i think about it-not so sure how much I like the fact that he fought a girl and pretty much kicked her butt too. On the plus side, forget this love line ever happening-zero attraction-zilch-nada)


Yhee remembers PJ’s words and pieces some clues together -and she thinks GDJS is not at SKK but somewhere else and runs off to find it and is seen by the two lackeys and they report it to IS and he goes to where she was and finds the book she was reading but the pages have been torn out by her

SJ and JS corner the guard and try to get him to talk about what the guard saw and he refuses to answer and JS asks him to reconsider since Chosun tried to kill the guard and the guard is surprised she would do such a thing and finds it amusing

the guard tells SJ and JS who is responsible for all that and i think it’s IS’s dad the War Minister.

JS: You haven’t found KYS yet? What are you doing not going out and looking? Shouldn’t that person be the first to know the truth that the War Minister is the mastermind? I’m glad –for your sake and my sake.

JS tells SJ to go find Yhee and Yh guesses that ISknows where Yhee went and that she may be in danger

Yhee walks into a memorial hall looking place and she stands in front of oneof them and all these guards are on their way to where she is and IS’s father ordersthe destruction of GDJS

JS promises SJ he wont let Yhee get hurt and he detains the guards dressed as HBS and shoots some arrows at their feet

JS fights off the guards but he is outnumbered. During the fight, his sword is knocked out of his hand.
meanwhile SJ goes and finds Yhee and hugs her

omg if anything happens to JS ….omg omg a guard’s sword slices through JS’s chest…

Sun joon locates yoon hyung gyu (the guard) but chosun suddenly appears in an attempt to kill him
jae shin appears to save the day, chases after her and reveals that it’s really chosun

sunjoon and jaeshin find out that it’s the war minister who was the one who ordered to have the 2 killed
the left minister only played the role of covering up the crime
at the same time Yongha finds out it was the war minister who put the left minister’s name on the land certificate (by bribing the guard)
and at the same time, yoon hee… she’s trying to solve the puzzle/riddle left behind by her father
the last line says that the geum deung ji sa is hidden at a place where Joseon began
at first they thought it was SUngkyunkwan but they couldnt find anything in SKK
as she goes through more books, yoon hee figures out that that night 10 years ago where her father and moon young shin would have entered the city

she followed what she thinks would have been the route and comes to the conclusion that it is not SKK but the ‘Jongmyo’ where joseon began (it’s like a temple where all the tablets of the deceased kings and queens are kept)..she looks through books and is convinced that she’s right
she rips the map out and rushes to Jongmyo

this action is observed by insoo’s gang and insoo concludes that yoonhee has found the GDJS
insoo and war minister centre forces around Jongmyo
they see this as the last chance to really get rid of the GDJS


h0pe n0thng will happn t0 my JS...>.< plzzzz skks dirctr, h0pe JS will get happy ending t0... xoxo

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