Thursday, May 5, 2011

5 facts about Me

hai y'all!! hehehe.. today wanna make an english entri lah [nak badjet omputih sat..kihkihkih]

hurm~ 5 fact about me??

firstly, i'm addict with chocolate..hehe
all my bl0g readers sure already know that fact >.<"
just seeing this picture makes me desire!

second, i'm a ladies and a natural ladies! no plastic surgery yaw..^.^
dont have to pretend to be someone that not your self.

have use picture this near entry once. who know I give u chocolate! ^___^

next, i'm the one that easy to laugh.. ;)
due to that nature, I can hide all problems and grief
the laugh cure for the soul, right??

then, someone that very cheerful and genial
oh yes, i'm a talkative person..hehe
if one day i'm not speking must had something wrong with me... X___X
am i like astro ceria?? hahaha.. okey, i admit it ^.^"

erm.. the last fact??
ah ha! i'm addict with bl0ging..tehee ^___^
i'm update my bl0g daily, right3x??
except in case that canot be avoid >.<"

nota coklet : nak perbaiki bahasa omputih aku. Harap2x dapat rezki sambung belajar ^____^

4 insan doakan kebahagiaanku:

nub said...

coklat langkawi murah2..

hans said...

sama 3 perkara daripada 5 nih

syuwai said...


wah, betul ke?? lebih murah dari coklet dekat Labuan ea??


syuwai said...


erm, yg mana satu la tu ea??

tp yg pasti bukan fakta yg kedua tu kan3x??

takkan la hans sebenarnya adalah seorang wanita??



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