Wednesday, September 22, 2010

d0 y0u the k0rean female gr0upe, KARA???

ni kali kita bekenalan pula sma KARA.. mimang d0rng ni suma talented + kiut miut lagi(~,~)
saya pling admire kat HaRa la sb kiut + telented lg n suka tngk mata dia tu lah..h0h0

Stage Name:Gyuri
Birth Name:Park Gyuri
D.O.B. : May 21,1988
Position:Main vocals,
Favorite Color:Purple
Biography: Gyuri is the leader of Kara by the age of 20. She acted on dramas as a child in Ladies of the Palace and Oneul eun Cho-eun Nal as Sonagi, Podogi’s girlfriend. She also appeared as an extra in Lee Jun Ki's Pomegranate Juice Commercial.

Stage Name:Seung Yeon
Birth Name:Han Seung Yeon
D.O.B. :July 24,1988
Position:Main vocals,
Favorite Color: Pink
Biography:SeungYeon is the second oldest in Kara. She may look young for her look like a little child and she does! Lol..she's so cute! She has a korean show who replaced SNSD's Tiffany called So Nyeon So Nyeo Gayo Baekso or SSGB with Kim Hye Sung!^^

Stage Name:Jung Nicole
D.O.B : October 7,1991
Favorite Color:Orange
Biography: Nicole is the rapper of the group and used to be the youngest in Kara when there were 4 members but now she's the 2nd youngest in the group at the age of 17.She featured on Sunha's first album Fahrenheit in the song "String."

Stage Name:Ji Young
Birth Name:Kang Ji Young
D.O.B. : January 18,1994
Biography:At the age of 14, Ji-young is now the youngest of Kara. Not long ago, she confessed that she likes Big Bang's Daesung...what do you think? For my opinion, I think they make a perfect couple! =)

Stage Name:HaRa
Birth Name:Gu,Ku,Koo HaRa
D.O.B. : January 1,1991
Biography:As the third youngest in Kara, HaRa tried out for other entertainments also. She tried out for JYP Entertainment but sadly didn't make it. It was said that she knew Seung-ri from Big Bang because they both went to dancing school together with Ji-young also. What's with this thing with BIG BANG?!!!^^


Former Kara Member,Kim Sung-hee, had to leave because of her school grades and health issues dealing with stress. Her father wanted her to continue on with her studies first and then may come back to Kara. In order to fill up her space, DSP Entertainment auditioned girls and found Kang Ji Young and Koo HaRa. Kara is now a five member group instead of a four member group and are debuting with their song "Rock U".^^

Biography:Sung-hee was a really talented girl when she was still singing. She sang for the korean drama "Three Leaf Clover" featuring Lee Hyori. She was the main vocal in the group and never gave up!

rajin2kan lah diri tngk video clip KARA ~ lupin,..si0k punya..!! hehe;p
sya sertakan la mp3 KARA [Lupin] tuk dengar2..h0h0

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