Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I Don't Care

The Words have been said
The damage has been dealt
No tears are to be shed
For there is no emotions felt

Say what you want to say
It doesn’t matter no more
I won’t choose your way
I already locked that door

Be what ever you want
I honestly don’t even care
Go ahead and taunt
No word from me, I swear

Do whatever you want to
It won’t do nothing towards me
For I can promise you
I’m the one you’ll never see

Whatever road you choose
It matters to me none
For it’s just old news
The drama is done

Choc note: freedom

2 insan doakan kebahagiaanku:

Fariq said...

lirik lagu ke ape ni..
betul2 i dont care nih..

syuwai said...

bukan lirik.. poem :))


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